BulkTEL (IoT)


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is a differential pressure sensor for liquid cylinders with integrated IoT terminal unit for remote monitoring.


- Local and remote level monitoring of small cryogenic pressure vessels (vertical and horizontal)
- Integrated differential pressure transducers
- LCD display for level visualization in %
- Output signal 4-20 mA
- Level sum function available on 4-20mA output
- Powered by 4-20mA loop or battery operated with 4-20 mA loop disconnected
- Sampling rate 3 minutes with battery or real time when loop powered
- Selection of differential pressure range by push-buttons behind the front panel
- Easy, quick and inexpensive installation

Optional Telemetry functions
- Low power data transmission technology: NB-IoT or SigFox
- Remote programming by CrioSystemSupervisor platform
- Remote transmission and notification of low level alarm