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BundleTEL is a vertical device designed to monitoring gas clylinder bundles with high pressure up to 300bar.

  • Long life term integrated battery: 10 years of expected autonomy  guaranteed by the use of 4 Li-Ion type A batteries
  • Next generation NB-IoT connectivity: signal propagation also in basements, garages etc…/ high power efficency and low consumption/ use of standardized and interference-free radio bands and protocols/ excellent signal coverage
  • Geolocalization in real time: via GPS modem or with service by the phone providers through triangulation
  • Integrated sensors: pressure, temperature and shock: OEM pressure sensor with mV output, engineered and produced entirely by AMBRA Sistemi, operating range 0-400bar, overload 500bar and burst 600bar, brass or stainless steel body. Compatibility with O2 use/ temperature sensor integrated in the electronic board with range between -20/ +80°C/ schock sensor on the electronic circuit allowing monitoring when the gas cylinder bundle is subject to strong impact or overturning with real time notification to the server
  • Easy and fast installation: by pneumatic connection with the gas cylinder valve
  • Strong IP67 polycarbonate box: IP67 waterproof  box with dimensions 80x82x55mm