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CRYOSWITCH-IND is a supply and recovery switch over system for tanks with cryogenic and liquefied gases


- Real time monitoring measures and pressures through LCD display with backlight
- Alarm signaling through blinking visual and acoustic indicators with recovery time programmable by the user
- Programming by encoder with button integrated
- Alarm acoustic signal with stop pushbutton on front panel
- Solenoid valves status indication on front panel
- Automatic switch over functions for empty tank, extra consumption or fault storage, through integrated solenoid valves
- Recovery function for gaseous fraction produced by tge evaporation of the backup tank, through integrated solenoid valves
- Shut-off function for operating storage low temperature detection
- Set points programmable by the user for minimum level, high and low operating tank pressures,  high and low supply -output pressure
- Proprietary network protocol CRIONet
- Self-checking system
- Remote monitoring for measures and alarms through MOD-COM GPRS
- Auxiliary output switch for external cumulative alarm indicator or hooter