CrioSinergy è il risultato di una collaborazione di tre...

CrioSinergy was born from the cooperation among companies with different knowledge concerning cryogenic systems, in order to supply advanced solutions for any cryopreservation applications, including new systems and revamping of existing ones. CrioSinergy presents the new cryopreservation freezer family CryoBA and a complete series of accessories like little vessels with various size for transportation, fixed and mobile cryogenic tanks for LN2 with size up to 2.000lt.

CrioSinergy upgrades and revamps cryogenic cryobank made coming from different manufacturers, as well as it performs any other maintenance operation, such vacuum restoring, repairing or rebuilding of damaged parts.

CryoBiocAre control unit is fully compatible with any cryopreservation freezers; the integration level can be chosen in order to find the best compromise between invasiveness and final performances each time. CrioSinergy can always suggest the most convenient solution.

In addition to small PED cryogenic tanks with low NER, manufacturing and installation of vacuum pipelines are additional services making CrioSinergy the ideal partner for any application.