Data Sheet

GASTEL is a complete and efficient solution for local and remote control of compressed gas storages that assures high level of safety and an essential support to logistic services, through advanced functions of GPRS remote monitoring.

GASTEL completely replaces human supervision activities, supplying precise and real time information, allowing to the compressed gas distribution manager to organize as well as possible the production, the delivery optimization and handle in time anomalous situations, caused by unusual consumptions or plant malfunctions.

Frequently, indeed, managers choose to provide oversized storages to avoid unexpected consumption consequences, making significant investments without a cost-effective clients satisfaction, since are subordinated to space troubles.
Remote control, therefore, is an essential instrument for gas suppliers, supporting the logistic services and optimizing the delivery system. 
Missed or delayed supplies can cause significant economic damages, whose obligation is usually difficult to ascribe, since can hinge on a human mistake in manometers reading, delayed reading or on verbal agreement misunderstanding


Thanks to CrioSystem Supervisor platform, installed on a central server, and CSS WebAPP, is possible to remain always and everywhere updated on provisions and alarms status, as long as an internet connection and credentials are available.

The platform is operative 24h/7 and notifies possible alarm conditions stated by the GASTEL unit, warning the plant responsible operator. Those functions can be a clientele advantage, as an optional service to the gas supply.