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Typical application:
-Monitoring of 1st  stage central unit for storage medical gases

Alarm unit SDAL-MED L5C functions:
•    5 digital alarm inputs ON/ OFF (pressure switches) with the following configuration:
     -Low pressure LH/ RH/ Emergency banks, H/ L line pressure
•    Alarm notification by 2 red LEDs and 3 yellow LEDs
•    Acknowledge button for acoustic sound with alarm recovery function setting by a dip-switch (max. 15 min)
•    Test button for acoustic and visual periodic check
•    Programming jumper for inputs operation N.O. or N.C.
•    Local network interface with protocol SDAMNet Plus or ModBus (option)
•    Network address programming by a dip-switch;
•    Auxiliary output switch for external cumulative alarm indicators
•    Auxiliary output switch for external hooters
•    5 independent outputs reproducing the inputs status
•    Visual and acoustic indications about alarm status in accordance with European standard ISO 7396-1 and EN 60601-1-8.