sistema di monitoraggio e controllo per applicazioni su gas tossici ed infiammabili
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 SDAM A5 Shut-off unit for 5 analog inputs (4-20mA), allow to monitor and manage supply system for toxic and flammable gases; Thanks to a solenoid valve integrated into the box, it is able to close the gas supply in case of particular alarm condition as fire detection, gas detection, Emergency button, high flow , high/low temperature, high/low pressure etc..
SDAM A5 Shut-off informs the alarm status with acoustic indication, visual indication by ID message on display and by output signal for external control devices.
Two alarms with different priority are available:

-Normal alarm: with acoustic and visual indication;

-Shut-off alarm: with acoustic and visual indication and de-energize internal pilot solenoid valve for gas supply control with pneumatic valve;

All alarm messages shown on display are programmable by Personal Computer  with Windows software application SDAM Programming tool.

SDAM A5 Shut-off is supplied with local network interface RS485 to connect until 253 units and monitoring all of them by PC and/ or SDAMGUARD.
One personalized key allow to de-energize the internal solenoid valve in manual mode for maintenance.

Technical characteristics:

-Display 2 lines x 20 characters

-2 LED (yellow and red) for alarm and System Halt indication

-Piezoelectric speaker with volume adjustable

-Pushbutton on front panel for stop sound and restart

-Solenoid valve N.C.

-Housing for wall mounting IP40

-Pneumatic connections for rilsan Ø 4-6 mm

-Power supply 220Vac, 50/60Hz