Sistema di controllo e dosaggio CO2
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 Analyzer system CO2 Sampler

Typical application:

-CO2 Monitoring and control system in silos for cereals storage in nutrition.   



-CO2 Analysis for each silos monitoring by display LCD 5,7” with touch-screen

-Alarm indication by red light and relative alarm page on display

-System Power on by green light

-Automatic analysis cycle by sampling and analysis

-Acoustic signal with stop button on display touch-screen

-Programming by buttons on display touch-screen for:

-Test filling duration

-Sampling fase duration

-Analysis fase duration


-Filling set-point

-Filling speed

-Min alarm treshould

-Acoustic alarm volume

-Internal CO2 analyzer with trimmer calibration for Zero and Span

-Air sampling flow indication by flowmeter on front panel

-Port interface RS485 with MODBUS (option)